The soundtrack of your life....


Nothing makes an function more enjoyable than having the perfect soundtrack. Finding the right music selection makes all the difference to how your event will flow.  Do you like Pop music? Or is House, Disco or Rock more your thing? When you’re trying to pull together the perfect music choices, consider organizing your selections according to a theme, genre or era’s. This will keep your music connected and consistent!

Aim For Variety

Variety is the spice of life, as William Cowper’s 1785 poem reminds us. And when you’re talking about music, variety can be the key to sustaining your dancefloor. Too many slow songs can get your guests leaving for the seats, so mix in some pop songs or reggae classics to build more momentum and energy.

How many songs should you have on your playlist? While opinions may vary, a good point of consideration is how long you’ll need to dance to the music — You should plan on having at least two dozen songs to start and avoid too much of the same music types to really sustain the atmosphere.

Match the Tempo to your Party!

When you’re thinking about how to choose music, don’t overlook the importance of tempo. A faster, up-tempo song can be the perfect way to really get the dancefloor rocking!.  Tracks with those crunchy guitar riffs or thumping bass lines will certainly get people moving.

Here at Euphoria Entertainments you can be sure that we will find just the right mix of music for your event. Based on your playlist selections and over 25 years of experience, we know exactly which tracks to play to get you and your guests to really let their hair down.

We are happy to accommodate any requests or tracks that you may require, you can either provide them to us directly via a USB flash drive/memory card or on a portable hard drive, however If you would simply prefer to compile a selection of your favourite tracks using any of the online music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon or Tidal music then you can just send us the link to the site and we can import them directly into our DJ controllers using our capture software.

We have a large database of music, however sometimes a specific track version may not be available, in these circumstances we can normally source it via our various legal online suppliers. All tracks we obtain will be highest quality digital FLAC variants for optimum sound quality.